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It is the biggest and a natural forest situated at about 35 km from Zanzibar (Stone Townn).With in this natural forest you can find the red colobus monkeys which can never be found on the world and unique to Zanzibar.Futher more,there are also various types of animals such as leopard,bush baby,euit cats,lumnings hrew red and every quarrets and elepha as hrew and soon.In addition,the red colobus monkeys most so enyoyable and easy to see while the others animals are most difficult to come a cross or sport.What is the more you have spare to me to work with in the forest for at least 3 minutes to go for the monkey then to be driven to mangrove bridge forest.


It one of the many smallest done of Zanzibar s west coast.Bawe is among renouned for its exotic breath taking marine life.Becoming a exciting site for both scrub diving and snorkeling.


This trips leads you through one spice farm (Spice tour),Mangapwani slave chambers and caves.Finally you will visite beach so as to relax and at 18:30 hrs returne your Hotel.


This beginning with visiting to Zanzibar s colorful market.The three and a half hour tour.Among the tropical exotic fruits.We preceed on to the site of a Cathedral Church built in 1874,Old slave market which was abolished on 6 June 1873 by decres of the Sultan of Zanzibar,the Anglican high altar stands on the very site of the whipping post that was in the market.You visit of the Peoples Palace,The old fort (Portuguese fort),The Fredric Mercury House,British Council,American Council,Catholic Church,Hindu Temples,Custom House,English Club (Africa House),Tippu Tippu House,types of doors available Zanzibar ,Local market,Narrow street at Stone Town and House Wonder (National Museum,Beit Al Ajaib).


This is a half day tour to the Island in mortirized Zanzibar boat special for carrying the visitors or tourist who visiting Prison Island.Previous name was the former prison for slaves,and quarantine station for East Africa Countries like as Uganda,Kenya,Mainlands (Tanganyika) while mean is a peace and quite island where you will be able to find a hundred years old Giant tortoises act as unlikely vigilant over the Island and you cannot help but wonder what takes if only they could talk.It is around at one kilometer long and a quarter of a kilometer wide.This is the nicest island for swimming and snorkling after a stroll round the island and also its water is so clear.


This Island was previously named as French Island and contains the cemetery that was reserved in 1879 by the rulling Sultan and who was later consecrated by Bishop Edward Steer (who was the well known Anglican Cathedral on the site of the slave market) in 1880.The cementry comprises graves from residence of Zanzibar,officials and men of the Royal navy and merchant marine.Some of the British sailors were killed in action with Germany cruiser in 1914.It is always a half a day tour.


This is a three half hours wonderful tour for going to the middle of the island where will be able to visite,see,smell and taste the different types of spices within the spices plantations as well as tropical fruits such as black pepper,nutmeg,vanilla,ginger,cloves,tumeric root,lime,cardamon,lemongrass,tangerine trees,and tropical fruits like as jack fruit,custard,apple,rambutan,carambola,pineapple,banana,avocado and so on.In finally way,you will visit Maruhubi monument,Mtoni Palace,Kidichi Persian baths that were build by the first Sultan of Zanzibar called Sultan Said bin Sultan in used for only six years until 1856 and Maruhubi palace ruins buit by the third Sultan of Zanzibar Said Barghash bin Said in 1880 which was specially for keeping 99 harem ultimately Dr Living Stone house is a place where by lived him,now days Zanzibar Tourist Cooperation Office.(Gulioni place).


This Safari Blue is a full day using made traditional sailing dhow of 8 to 10 metres in length.At the dhow exist engines marines,first aid kit,dan oxygen unit,water proof bags,boarding ladder,sunshade,gas inflabable,life jackets and VHF radio.The fishing village of Fumba is situated in the South West Unguja Island.The visitors should be arrive at Fumba at 9;00 am.The dhow through Menai Bay named a conservation area.Sometimes you will see Humpack and bottlenose dolphins there.After snorkeling we offer fresh young coconut (dafu) before move to another sandbank for lunch.The lunch is a traditional Zanzibar meals barbecued chicken,coriander sauces,tamarind,rice,squid,slipper lobster,and grilled fish.The different tropical seasonal fruits,soft drinks,mineral water,sodas and beer.We advise clients that so please wear your swimming things under your clothes also we advise client to bring water proof shoes for boading the dhows and to drings towels,suncreen and spare T-shirt for snorkeling.All include: car,driver,guide,lunch,mineral water,soft drink,coffee and boat safaris.


This is a South Coast of Zanzibar tour to Kizimkazi where you will have a brief talk about the behaviour and different types of dolphins before doarding a boat to the dolphins location with 80% of being able to see them.From Stone Town to dolphin trips 64 km,but remember that we hunting dolphins with boat (dhow) by machine.There is a fair opportunity for you get play and swim with them,returnint to the shore in the afternoon.The types of dolphins are Indo Paficif bottlenose (Turiops aduncus) found at Kizimkazi sea South Unguja Island,Common bottle nose (Turiops truncates),Humpack dolphin (Sousa chinensis),Spinner dolphin (Stenella longinostris),Spotted dolphin (Stenella attenuate),Prisso s dolphin (Grampus griseus) and Long toothed dolphin (Steno bredanesis).A case of COMMON NAME; Indopacific bottle nose dolphin,SCIENTIFIC NAME:Turiops aduncus.GENERAL;dolphins are mammals,not fish.They are warm blooded like human beings but lives in water (marine and fresh water).Give birth to live young,Young s suckle mothers milk,Body streamlined for efficient movement through water,Dolphins body hairs or scale but bare skin of thick fatty layer called BLUBBER,which allows heat loss,Dolphins skin completely smooth,may bear rake marks from other dolphins teeth during play or mating,and can easily become badly sun burnt if they strand.Under natural circumstances,dolphins are carnivores and herbivores,dolphins use tail when hunting for food,incase of prayed fish dolphin use tail to stun (shock),scooping preyed fish when it fall back into the water.Clapping tail on the water may be sing of annoyance / warning to other dolphins of danger.Dolphin use tail for up and down motion through water,DIVING:Bottle nose dolphin can dive up to 500m depth,can swim with norma ways as well as back stroke.


Eat food whole fish,very active at night than day time,night is main feeding time,opening mouth is sing of aggression,as the head nodding,violent jaws clapping is a sign of greater aggression,PRETECTIONS: Dolphi eyes produce a special slippery secretion which protects it from foreign objects and water friction.SLEEPING:Dolphin does half brain sleep,while floating just below the surface,ten slowly rising to breath,EAR;Dolphins possess external ear of about 5 - 6 cm behind the eye and 2 - 3mm diameter,BREEDING;Dolphins carry their young inside the womb like human beings,gestation period about 12 months (Bottle nose),during parturition baby merge tail first,give birth to one baby called a calf at a time,at birth a bottlenose dolphin calf is about 90 - 130 centimeters long,breast feeding / suckling up to 4 years and stop suckling on circumstance (like human beings),Mother dolphin rear the baby for 3 - years (learning feeding techniques,socialization and foraging),mother females stay with young and sisters,while males leave and form association with other males,dolphin will grow to approx 4 meters long and life span up to 40 years or so. ENEMIES:Dolphins main predators are sharks and unfortunately man,through direct killing for food,netting,pollution,and fishing,Dolphins spend a large part of their day looking for food,or actually feeding.They may either hunt alone or together as a pod.They may either hunt alone or together as a pod.COMMUNICATION:Dolphins communicate with each other by whistling or body language.When a baby is first born,some dolphin reseach suggests a mother dolphin will whistle to it constantly,imprinting her sound on the baby so it will recognize her,and the baby learns to develop its own signature whistle.It is thought that each dolphin has its own individual signature whistle,just like a name.


Recreational,attraction to tourist (snorkeling),food (protein),destroye fisherman fish nets(occasionally netted un willingly),bring cash in come / boost up social economic,provide community employment (tour guide,fishermen and etc.),some time used as fish bait with line fishing (long line fishing and hang line fishing.


Watching dolphins in their natural habitats can be exciting and educational.However,care must be taken to avoid disturbing the animals,as this could interfere with their normal behaviours.These guidelines have been produced for the management of the dolphin tourism to ensure that no harm or unnecessary stress is caused and to ensure that the dolphins remain in the area.Carefuly managed,dolphin tourism has the potential to provide a regular and sustainable income to local communities while helping to protect dolphins and to support education and conservation.


Dolphins are marine mammals that spend their entire lives in the water.Like other mammals,they are warm blooded and give birth to a single calf every 3 - 4 years which they nurse with millk for 2 - 3 years.They have lungs and breath air through their blowhole on the top of their head which means that they must come to the surface for air every few minutes.The most commoly seen dolphins around Zanzibar are bottlenose and humpack dolphins,althrough spinner dolphins are also common North of Unguja Island.Dolphins are highly social animals that spend their time in groups varying from two to several hundred,depending on species.Dolphins eat various fish and squid and use sound (echolocation clicks) to find their prey.They also communicate using whistles and each individual bottlenose dolphin even has its own signature.


Dolphins are often engaged in social behaviours,they like to touch each other with their pectoral fins and sexual behaviours are also vey common.When dolphins are feeding they often spend short time at the surface.When diving,they usually display their tail flukers which indicate that they will make a deep dive.Travelling behaviour is displayed when dolphins swim at a constant speed in the same general direction from oe area to another without evidence of feeding or social activities.Dolphins that remain in one area without evidence of feeding or directional movement are usually resting.They move slowly in a compact rroup,rising slowly to breathe while stayin in the same general area.


Females with young and dolphins engaged in feeding may be particularly sensitive to disturbance from boats and swimmers.The following behaviours are indicators of disturbances.Slapping their tails at the surface,making coughing sounds,leaping or turning away from boats,sudden fluke up of the whole group,startle reaction example sudden acceleration.A dolphins daily routine may be disturbed by engine noise or erratic movements by boats and swimmers.This may interfere and reduce time for nursing,feeding,prey detection,acoustic communication and orientation.This could also force the animals to move to less favourable areas.These disturbances will have a negative effect on the daily life of the dolphins and possibly adverse long term effect for the survival of the animals around Zanzibar.


There are also safety issues for tourists visiting dolphins that must be taken into account.Operators must ensure that their vessel is sea worthy and has adequate safety equipment on board including back up motor facilities.Dolphins are wild animals and are capable of inflicting injury on humans if provoked.Tourists should respect this and always let the animals come to them.


Drive the boat slowly with a steady speed,avoid sudden changes of speed or direction.Avoid reverse or foing in and out of gear.Approach the dolphin group from the rear or the side,never head on.Do not chase the dolphins,let them come to the boat instead,do not encircle or intersect the dolphins.Always make sure the dolphins have an escape route when there are more than two boats.Never approach a mother and calf,dolphins slaping their tails at the surface,making coughing sounds,leaping orturning away from the boat,indicate that they are disturbde,Leave them alone and liik for other animals instead.


Enter the water as quietly as possible.Do not jump or dive in,stay close to the boat and hold on tothe boat or lines along the side of the boat.Do not swim after or chase the dolphins,let them to you.


It is start after breakfast from your Hotel,you visite difference village.The people engage in their daily life activities.Donge is the a place where by non developed it within full green vegetable,Mkokotoni,old market are gathering for selling and buying difference goods some items import and export from like as Tanga and Mombasa.Tazari village is a place where by factory of material smith for making local tools, than visite Fukuchani Portuguese ruins,traditional healing,how planning sea weed,some tree used local medicine in Zanzibar,(herbs).how to making furniture like as doors,windows and etc,finaly you cooking and tasting local food like as pilau,biriani,green bananas,difference vegetable and etc.The evernning back your Hotel.



It held out June or July on the Islands of Zanzibar.The event showcases and promotes the myriad of film,music,dance and other art forms from the historically trade connected (dhow countries) of East Africa,India,Iran,Pakistand,The Arabic Countries,United State America,Island of the Indian Ocean and etc.The aims of festival,to promote Swahili language conservation at the world,annouce Zanzibar tourist industry,the local artist lerning difference music with insturement from the over sea and etc.


It is features traditional and contemporary dance,music,arts,craft,African dance and drum and etc.A lot of dances have their difference roots in ancient tribal rituals connected with the many stages of a human life,or with royal ceremies,drawing participants as for as Mozambique,Kenya,Uganda,Mainland,Comoro,Germany,China,India and etc.Cultural festival has become too prominent in Zanzibar.But remember that available bull fight origine from Portuguese.It organised by Revolutional Of Government Of Zanzibar.


It is celebrated South Eastern Coast known Makunduchi.From Stone Town to Makunduch 64 km.The festival originates in Persia and celebrates the New Year due to the Shirazi calender.It hould out 21 July at Makunduchi,the festival are accompanied by ancient retes and rituals such as symbolic fires and mock fights,which believed to ensure peace and harmony for the village in the coming year.Men taking part in the fights defend themselve with banana stems (in place of the traditional cudges and clubs) while women stroll through the village dressed in their best clothes,taunting the men with song about village life and love.The celebration ends with pessts,singing and dancing often carrying on late into the night and all are welcome since it is a local belief that anyone without a guest for this festival is unhappy.During honarable guest arrive,he / she bring to see difference shrine.


The sun set dhow cruise start 17:00 to 19:00 by boat (dhow).The dhow sailling,take two hours.You leave at opposite Tembo Hotel exist Stone Town.Inside the boat available appetezer cocktail,wine,beer soft drinks (Life music from 6 pax).Some times the captan will teach you,how drive the boat.Please come with your camera so as to take photography.


Zanzibar is famous so as to fishing activities.Due to achepelago available from North,South,East and West.Zanzibar have sorrounding the Ocean.Nugwi is promominent fishing activitis in Zanzibar.However is place you do game fishing.It start 7:00 am to 15:00.You use fishing equipment,snacks,fruits,wine,beer and drinks.The pacentage 80 % get different fish like tuna,seaperch,red snaper,king fish and etc,Sometimes use local or moderne equipment so as to fishing.


Our old experienced company ensure you enjoy daily island excursion.Leaving at 09:30am for Prison Island,locally known as Changua Island (Seaperch Island),we visite the old slave prison ruins and the Aldabras giant tortoise,once property of the Sultan Barghash.We will have time to play with starfish at the beach then setting again with Swahili dhows to Pange Island (Sand bank).An astonishing white surrounded by crystalline water, the ideal place to relax and to practice snorkelling,discovering treasures od Indian Ocean.During sailling we offer a variety of local fruits,beverages and snack.Later we serve a lunch buffet of traditional Swahili cuisine,Italian cheese,snacks,fruits,soft drinks and white wine. The price include Island fee,snorkelling guide which equipments and snacks,fruits,soft drinks,wine,buffet -Swahili cuisine and Italian cheese.


Choose a very particular dinner sailling in our dhows,not only for the rare and beautiful panorama you can admire from the sea view,but also for our luxury gourment including lobster,appetizer-cocktail,seafood,fruits,wine,beer,soft drinks and life music.It start 18:00,and starte two people and more.


We offer you a full service organization which landmark a new beginning with an unforgettable sandbank background.We are completely dedicated to you in your special day with outstanding attention to details.We will help you to fill your ceremony with many happy loving memories,making elegant and magnificent your wedding day.It include special welcoming services,snacks,wine,beer,soft drinks,champagne and traditional music.It starte 17:00


It is resemble like as above.There are negotiable between you and me.

It include special welcoming services,snacks,wine,beer,soft drinks and life music.It starte 17:00.


Iam organised domestic flight whole Tanzania like as Zanzibar,Pemba.Dar es salam,Arusha,Mwanza,Mombasa,Kenya and etc.Also renter whole charter from Zanzibar to whole Tanzania like as Arusha,Mwanza,Mombasa,Kenya and etc.


Our car and etc have elegance and valuable so as to visitors.But having condition between you and me.My car Escudo Godwine,Han Hansem and etc.Zanzibar spice Island.

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The Zanzibar Archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania, is a breathtaking spot to escape from the world. You’ll enjoy clear, turquoise-blue water; shallow sandbars perfect for wading; and many small, nearly deserted islands virtually unvisited by tourists. Explore the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, Zanzibar City’s old quarter. Or just go beach to beach between tiny fishing villages—each one’s better than the next.

Zanzibar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean, if not the world. It is one of the best-kept travel secrets and remains unspoilt by mass tourism.

Zanzibar archipelago is approximately 35km off shore from the Tanzania mainland and only six degrees south of the Equator.

It is comprised of two main Islands, Unguja (also called Zanzibar Island), and Pemba, along with many smaller islands and atolls.

These provide miles and miles of palm lined beaches and colourful coral reefs perfect for diving or just soaking in the laid back atmosphere.

Zanzibar has been popular throughout history with artists, musicians and poets and still captivates people to this day. The very name conjures wondrous images and evokes intrigue.

Country Tanzania
Visa requirements Visa is required depending on your Country of Origin. Please consult your Travel Agency.
Languages spoken English
Currency used Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
Area (km2) 2,461 km2


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